International Applicants

All identification cards, Maryland Rookie Driver learner's permits, and any federally non-compliant driver's licenses or identification cards are mailed to your Maryland residence address on file.

International Students, Au Pairs, G4 Visa Holders

This process is available:

  • Students scholars, and faculty (includes anyone employed by the College or University)
  • Au Pairs
  • G4 visas (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Inter-America Development Bank)

International Students, Au Pairs​, G4 Visa Holders

To avoid multiple trips to the MVA, you can eliminate one step by submitting a SAVE Verification Request online. Please click here. Once you have submitted the form, a MVA representative will contact you with the verification results and information to continue the process. If you experience any difficulties with the form, or do not receive a response within five (5) business days, please send an e-mail to

Department of State (DOS) Documents

The information below pertains to individuals who have a license issued by the US Department of State (DOS) or are applying for DOS licenses.

1. Applicant has a DOS license, visa class is A or G, applying for MD license:

  • Proof of age, identity and residency are required. Please see the online document guide for further information.
  • Your documents must be electronically verified through the U. S. Department of Homeland Security to confirm lawful status in the US.
  • Letter of ineligibility for a U. S. Department of State license is required (for all A, G and E1-TECRO visa class codes). Exception: Individuals who are under the visa category of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) do not need to present a letter of ineligibility. Vision screening, however, is required.
  • The 3 hour safe and sober course with certificate is required.
  • Knowledge and skills tests are waived.
  • If you come to renew your MD license and still maintain a visa class A or G category, you must obtain a new letter of ineligibility from the U.S. State Department.

2. Applicant has DOS license and has changed visa status:

  • You must present proof of age and identity, lawful status, a Social Security card or letter of ineligibility for a Social Security number, and 2 proofs of Maryland residence. Please see the online document guide for further information.
  • Lawful status must be verified through the U. S. Department of Homeland Security-SAVE, to verify that the visa status is no longer A or G categories; and that you have applied for another status or lawful permanent residence.
  • You do not need to present a letter of ineligibility for a U.S. Department of State license.
  • Your DOS license is treated as an out of state license;
    • Vision screening is required
    • The knowledge and skills tests are waived.

3. Applicant testing for US Department of State (DOS) License (holds a foreign issued license):

  • Proof of age and identity, Maryland residence are required. Please see the online document guide for further information.
  • Your Department of State identification card.
  • You must present a packet from the DOS (which will define the required tests).
  • The Social Security number or letter of ineligibility for Social Security number is not required.
  • The 3 hour safe and sober certificate is not required.
  • Once the required tests are passed, the results are recorded on the DOS form provided.
    • Note: Scores must be entered on the U​.S. Department of State form. Please do not leave the MVA if the scores have not been recorded. To be issued a license, you must return to the State Department with the test results.

4. Applicant has never been licensed, is applying for a DOS license, but must first obtain a learner’s permit:

  • You must present all the required documentation as if applying for a Maryland license. Age and identity, proof of lawful status, letter of ineligibility for a Social Security number, and 2 proofs of Maryland residence. Please see the online document guide for further information.
  • Your documents must be electronically verified through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to confirm lawful status in the US.
  • If under 18, a co-signer is required.
  • Cost is $50.00
  • You must meet all the graduated licensing requirements before taking the driving skills test, including a driver education course.
  • Upon completion of the requirements, you must schedule a skills test.
  • Once you pass the skills test, the scores are entered on the form provided by DOS. If the law test was not recorded when the learner’s permit was obtained, make sure the law test score is also recorded before returning the form to the State Department.
  • The Maryland learner’s permit is surrendered to the MVA, but a Maryland license is not issued.
  • Take the completed form with the law and skills test scores to the State Department to be issued a DOS license.

The customer service number for the U.S. Department of State is (202) 895-3682.

Foreign Reciprocity Agreements

The MVA entered into a license reciprocity agreement with the following countries:

  • Republic of Korea (South) (December 16, 2010).
  • France (December 16, 2010)
  • Federal Republic of Germany (May 10, 2011)
  • Taiwan (Republic of China) (June 17, 2013)
  • Japan (January 4, 2016)

The agreements apply to applicants 18 years or older, for a non-commercial (class C) driver's license.

1. Sources of pro​of are required for age, identity, and Maryland residency (SAVE verification of lawful status through the Department of Homeland Security may be required if applicable).

2. The knowledge (law) test and the driving skills portion of the test for a license of the equivalent class will be waived.

3. If the driver's license is expired, then the vision, knowledge & skills tests are required.

  • Exception: licenses from France and Japan may be expired less than 1 year.
  • If over 1 year, all tests are required.

4. Must pass the vision screening, submit a completed "vision screening" form (form # DL-043 or DL-043A) or have an authorized online vision certification provider electronically submit the vision results to the MVA

  • ​Test administered by vision provider must have been done within the previous 12 months.

5.  Agreement applies to non-commercial driver (class C) licenses; no learners permits, class M or commercial licenses.

6.  Provide certification of the 3-hour drug & alcohol education program.

7.  Present out-of-country license along with an international license or translation into English from the MVA's Approved Interpreter/Translator Provider Listing (if required).

  • ​License and any documentation pertaining to the license must be scanned into the driver’s licensing system transaction (ex: translation);

8.  Applicable fees are required.


Licenses from Germany and France must be surrendered when a Maryland driver’s license is issued.

  • ​​Surrendered licenses will be sent to the Maryland MVA headquarters, at which time the license will be returned to the country that issued it.
  • The applicant may choose to opt out of the agreement by taking all tests if they wish to keep their license from France or Germany.

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