Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Disqualifications

​Your commercial driver’s license (CDL) can be disqualified as a result of your conviction in Maryland District Court of certain violations that meet the criteria for CDL disqualification established by federal and state laws.

Your commercial driver’s license (CDL) can also be disqualified before conviction if you receive a citation from a law enforcement officer for having a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level while driving a commercial vehicle.

If your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is disqualified, you cannot legally operate a commercial vehicle.

What should I do if I receive a notice of CDL disqualification?

Complete and return the notice of CDL disqualification to the MVA Administrative Adjudication Division (AAD) within 15 days. On the back of the form, be sure to indicate how you plan to respond to the disqualification notice:

  • Request a hearing before the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH); or
  • Waive your right to a hearing and surrender your CDL; or
  • Waive your right to a hearing and certify that you are no longer in possession of your CDL.

Note that you may be able to exchange your surrendered CDL for a non-commercial driver's license that will allow you to continue driving your personal vehicle.

What happens next?

If you submit a request for a hearing, the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) will notify you about your hearing date. If you waive your right to a hearing, you must wait until the end of the disqualification period specified on your notice before requesting a new CDL. To obtain a non-commercial driver’s license during the disqualification period, go to any full service MVA branch office where you must first surrender your CDL.

What is the procedure to get the CDL license back once the CDL disqualification period ends?

Upon termination of a disqualification period of less than one year (60, 90, 120, or 180 days), an individual may apply for reinstatement of his/her CDL without taking the skills and knowledge tests relevant to his/her previous CDL. The MVA shall reissue the CDL when the applicant pays the required fees, and the:

  • Individual's driving privilege is not otherwise refused, suspended, revoked, or canceled in this State or any other state;
  • Individual is eligible to drive pursuant to CDLIS and NDR; and/or
  • Individual surrenders any previously issued driver's instructional permit or license.

Upon termination of a disqualification period of at least one year, the individual must meet the above requirements AND take all relevant skills and knowledge tests.


  • There is no fee involved in this process, unless a summons was issued to pick up your CDL. In this case, a restoration fee is charged.

Contact Information:

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Glen Burnie, MD 21062

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