Interpreter / Translation Providers

Foreign Language Customers

If you have difficulty communicating in English or are deaf/severely hearing impaired, you may be able to use an interpreter when you visit the MVA, particularly when taking a knowledge test skills driving test for a class C or M non-commercial driver’s license.

The MVA’s law test system offers the Non-Commercial Class C test in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • American Sign Language
  • ​Amharic (Afro-Asiatic language)
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Farsi
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Korean
  • Nepali
  • Portuguese
  • ​Russian
  • Tagalog
  • Urdu
  • Vietnamese
  • Yoruba (West Africa)

If we offer the knowledge test in the language that you speak, you must attempt the knowledge test at least five (5) times before an interpreter can be used.

If your identity documents and/or driver’s license is not in English, the document(s) must be translated by an MVA approved Interpreter/Translator. A foreign issued license does not need to be translated if accompanied by an international driver's license.

Interpreter/Translation Providers Accepted by the MVA

NOTE: The MVA does not require a fee for the use of an interpreter; however, you will be responsible for any fees that the interpreter may require for their services.

Interpreter/Translation Requirements

1. In-person interpreter and/or translator providers must show a valid photo identification card (either a state driver's license or identification card) prior to conducting on-site interpretation and/or translation services.

2. MVA branch office staff will check the MVA's approved Interpreter/Translator lists to confirm current standing.

3. Interpreters providing services for knowledge/skills testing are prohibited from providing other services on behalf of the customer being tested, such as:

    • Certifying residence,
    • Conducting the business of a driving school,
    • Issuing lease/rental agreements, etc.

4. Documents: The original document must accompany the English translation.

Document Translations must be:

  • On a document prepared by an MVA approved provider or court translator; OR
  • On the letterhead of the embassy of the country of origin; OR
  • On the letterhead of the translator contracted by the State.

All of the above documents must contain the:

  • Typed/printed name of the translator; AND
  • Telephone number; AND
  • Signature of translator.

5. Interpreters cannot provide interpretation services for family members.

6. Interpreters are prohibited from soliciting on MVA property.

7. You cannot use an interpreter when taking a CDL knowledge test or skills test for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or Class A or B noncommercial.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Customers

Contact the TTY/Hard of Hearing number to ask for the assistance of a sign language interpreter for such transactions as:

  1. Noncommercial Driver licensing knowledge and skills tests
  2. Medical Advisory Board Interviews

Once you call the TTY/Hearing Impaired number, or MVA’s Customer Service Center 410-768-7000, the MVA’s Driver Services Division will:

  • Make all the arrangements;
  • Pay for the interpreter;
  • Ask you for the date, time and location of the branch office where you plan to visit;
  • Provide you with confirmation of your appointment once arrangements have been made.

Please contact our Customer Service Center at 410-768-7000 if you have any other questions regarding the assistance of a sign language interpreter.

Application Process for Individuals Seeking Placement on the MVA's Approved Interpreter/Translator Provider Listing

The MVA is currently accepting applications from individuals interested in applying for placement on the MVA's Approved Interpreter/Translator Provider Listing. A new listing is released on a quarterly basis.

If you are interested in applying for placement on the MVA's Approved Interpreter/Translator Provider Listing, you must complete:

  1. MVA's Application to Provide Interpretation and/or Translation Services (form DL-200)
  2. The Interpreter and/or Translator Certification Form (form DL-201);
  3. The Contact Release Form (form DL-203).

These three forms must be completed in their entirety to include all required supporting documentation as outlined in the application (​Form DL-200) and email all forms to​.

Businesses or organizations may also apply; however, they must provide all 3 of the forms listed above for EACH employee or member of the business/organization.

The MVA will review each application on an individual basis and notify the applicant in writing if they are approved to be placed on MVA’s Interpreter/Translator list.