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Beginning October 1, 2021 a REAL ID will be required to board a commercial flight or enter a federal facility. Look up your status, collect your documents and make an appointment.

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The MDOT MVA Employee of the Month for December 2019 is Darryl Mason of the Loveville Branch. Darryl is an exceptional employee that goes beyond the expected parameters of his job to help our customers. Back in November, Darryl was spotted by his supervisor stooped behind a car installing license plates for an elderly couple. Definitely not in his job description, but most certainly the type of employee and man that Darryl is.  


Darryl is part of the FME team for Loveville, but he is also an eager learner and interested in many other aspects of our business.  On many days throughout the week, he frequently works the information counter at Loveville servicing customers. He also volunteers to come in on Saturdays and works as the information counter agent as well. Thanks Darryl for all that you do!

Employee of the month for December - Darryl Mason