Driver Services


All MVA Full Service Branch Offices administer a non-commercial Class C driving skills test on a course and on a public road to check a variety of driving skills. The test evaluates skills currently being taught at MVA approved driver's education schools.

All driving tests require an appointment to be scheduled.

All driver license candidates can best prepare for this test by fully completing the required 60 hours of behind the wheel practice.

MVA's examiners are trained to assess the skill levels of Driver License candidates with the on-course/on-road maneuvers.

Please see, "H​ow to Prepare for Your Driver’s Test​" for more information.

NOTE: As of October 1, 2016 legislation went into effect that requires drivers to possess, or carry in their automobile, a current insurance identification card issued by their insurance carrier. The insurance identification card may be in tangible (paper, plastic, etc.) or in an electronic format. Testing applicant must have access to current insurance identification card throughout the testing process. If digital copy is not accessible, a hard copy of the insurance card must be presented.​