Rookie Driver Program


Rookie Driver Safety for Teens and Parents

  • Maryland Online Driver Test Tutorial – One of our most popular destinations, this page lets you test your knowledge of the Maryland Driver’s Manual before you take the real knowledge test for your Learner's Permit.
  • Maryland Driver's Manual – The guide that helps with understand the basics of driving to prepare you for the Learner's Permit knowledge test and for taking the Driver Education program.
  • Maryland Driver's Test (Video) – Want some tips on how to prepare for your driving test? Check out this quick video that walks you through some of the common issues that drivers face during the skill test.
  • Rookie Driver Graduated Licensing System webpages that provide licensing process and requirements for Learner’s Permits, Provisional licenses, and full licenses.
  • Maryland Graduated Driver Licensing System Brochure – Understanding when, where and with whom your new driver can drive can be stressful. If you are feeling a little confused and overwhelmed by all of the GLS regulations, this pamphlet outlines in clear format exactly what your teen driver can do and when. Click here to learn more information.
  • Rookie Driver Practice Guide​ – Are you helping a Rookie Driver complete their required practice time? This helps you coach and mentor a new driver through the experience.
  • Rookie Driver Parent/Coach Agreement – Do you need help setting up some rules and guidelines for your new driver? Research indicates that an agreement between parents and teens to set rules and establish consequences is one of the most effective tools to keep new drivers safe. If you don’t know how to create that agreement, this page will give you some sample forms and recommended guidelines.
  • Parents: YOU Hold the Keys to Your Teen's Driving – Helping your child learn how to drive can be a challenging. This pamphlet will provide you with some practical tips to help you help your teen learn to drive safely. It also provides a link to a survey for parents about driving and teaching teens to drive.
  • Parents: Take the "YOU Hold the Keys" Survey – Please take our brief survey about the graduated licensing systems or GLS, traffic safety and the rules that apply to new drivers. Your responses to this survey will help the MVA develop programs for new drivers and their coaches.
  • Teen Driving (YouTube Video) - Parent involvement video.
  • Young Driver Safety in Maryland - Statistics, Laws, Programs, and Tips regarding Young Drivers
  • Young Drivers in Maryland Fast Facts - The most recent statistics regarding young drivers as they relate to when they are driving distracted, impaired, aggressive, or unbelted.
  • Additional Young Driver Links & Resources – Need more information? This will link you to organizations that support new drivers and their coaches. Some of the information is practical, some research; but all of it helps the parent and the new driver get control of the challenging and rewarding responsibility of driving.

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