Premier Customer Protection

​At MDOT MVA we take the privacy of our customers and their personal information very seriously. As look-alike websites, email and other communications continue to be created, we want to share the latest information with our customers and make sure you have confidence in using our electronic services. 

To avoid falling prey to any fake MDOT MVA website or transaction it’s best to avoid using a search engine or “googling” the information you are looking for. The safest way to get MDOT MVA information is to directly type in our website: into your browser address bar.

**If you are ever unsure of the authenticity of an MDOT MVA website, email or other communication, please bookmark this page for reference on the most up-to-date information on scams related to MDOT MVA. **

If you think you have visited a suspicious website or have received suspicious communication from MDOT MVA, please contact us at ​



​MDOT MVA will never ask for your personal information via text. Occasionally our emails may direct a user to a secure website to provide information to confirm their identity.  If you receive an MDOT MVA email that you believe is not meant for you, first confirm that there are no other members of your family using your email address. 

If there are no other members of your family that use your email address and you believe the email is suspicious, please contact us at

Email notices from MDOT MVA will always come from the following addresses:  

Emails are regularly sent to customers on the following topics:

  • ​Registration Renewal
  • Registration Renewal – Flag Hold
  • Driver’s License/ID Renewal
  • Emissions Testing Due Date
  • Insurance Violations
  • Medical Certificate and other CDL related requests
  • Suspension Notices
  • Driver’s Skills & Road Test Reminder

Please note: In addition to email, many of these notices will also come to customers as a paper notice through the U.S. Postal Service.

Texts or SMS sent regularly to customers:

If you have provided your email as a part of the appointment scheduling process, you may have opted in to receive updates and confirmation via text message from MDOT MVA.  These messages are information ONLY.  MDOT MVA will never ask you to provide personal information via text or SMS.

Texts or SMS you may receive if you made an MDOT MVA Appointment:

  • ​Initial Appointment Confirmation
  • Appointment Reminder (Two Days Prior to Appointment)
  • Appointment Reminder (One Hour Prior to Appointment)
  • Appointment Cancellation
  • Confirm Changes an Existing Appointment



​February 2021

If you have received a text from “Maryland-MDot Urgent” addressing “MDot customer” with a link, please ignore the text. This text was not sent by any agency associated with the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), including the MDOT MVA. It is SPAM and has been reported to MDOT’s IT Department. DO NOT click on the link and DELETE the message.


For information on identity theft and ways to protect your identity, or to report suspicious activity visit the following websites: