Titling A Vehicle

A vehicle's title establishes who owns the vehicle. Each time the owner changes, a new title must be issued. Currently, the Maryland MVA prints a two-part, paper title. The first part, the Maryland Certificate of Title, is mailed to the owner. The second part, the Security Interest Filing (SIF), is printed only when a lien has been filed against the title; it is mailed to the lien holder. The documents included in this section describe the many different titling scenarios that can occur.

Please note:

  • Having a title for your vehicle does not permit you to drive it on public roads; you must also register it. The two transactions are usually handled together. Please check the infoMVA registration section for further information.
  • CO-SIGNER- If an owner of a vehicle is under 18, a parent, spouse, employer, or other responsible adult must sign as co-signer. The purpose of the co-signer’s signature in this section is to certify to the accuracy of the information on the application for title.  (They will not be shown on the title).

Common Titling Processes

Unusual Titling Processes