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How to obtain a driver's license or identification card
New residents to Maryland have sixty days in which to obtain a Maryland driver’s license. Commercial drivers must transfer their commercial driver's license (CDL), within 30 days. Please click here for more information on the Maryland commercial driver’s license.

For those new to Maryland customers seeking non-commercial licenses, please refer to our REAL ID Lookup tool​ for required identity and residency documentation and instructions prior to making an appointment.

  • An out-of-state license must be a valid license or a license expired for less than one year. The license cannot be suspended.
  • If you are exchanging an out-of-state license that has been expired for one (1) year or more, you are required to take the knowledge and skills tests in addition to the vision test.
  • You will need your out-of-state license(s), if you do not have the license in your possession, you will need to present a certified driving record from the licensing agency.​
  • You must pass a vision test.
  • New Maryland residents must obtain a Maryland driver’s license within 60 days.
  • If licensed for less than 18 months, you will be issued a Maryland provisional license.
  • You will be asked to surrender your out-of-state driver's license before you can obtain a Maryland one.
MDOT MVA provides one of the most secure driver’s licenses, learner’s permits and identification (ID) cards in the nation. All cards are delivered through the mail within 4-7 business days. The cards incorporate cutting-edge security features to help protect against identity theft and fraud and meet all state and federal standards for REAL ID.  

Title and Registration 

For information on title and registration for new Maryland residents visit here. To search a list of service providers including tag and titles, dealerships and more visit our eBusiness portal. As a new resident of Maryland you must register your vehicle within 60 days of moving to Maryland. If you delay beyond 60 days, you will not be eligible for a tax credit for any titling tax paid in another state, and you may be subject to a citation for an out of state registration.​

Military Test Waivers
Tests may be waived for active duty military and their dependents if the issuing state grants military extensions.  Before visiting the MVA, please contact the state in which your license was issued to find out if a military extension is granted. There is no automatic extension for active duty military.  Each state has procedures and Maryland will review the procedures of the state in which the license was issued before determining whether the transfer can be done without testing. For more information for service members, click here​.

Federally Non-Compliant Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards
Immigrants, with foreign documentation that does not have valid accompanying United States Citizenship and Immigration Services documentation should visit the Online Document Guide to start the process. To obtain a driver’s license, learner’s permit, moped permit or identification card, please take the following steps:

  • Apply for an individ​ual taxpayer identification number through the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Please click here for more information.
  • File Maryland Income Taxes for the preceding 2 years and obtain a certification letter that is needed to make an appointment and present to the MVA. Obtain a certification letter by applying online or by making an appointment to visit one of the Comptroller’s branch offices. Please click here for more information;
  • Apply for and obtain identity documents such as a valid, current foreign passport;
  • Obtain two residency documents such as copies of a residential lease, utility bill, or bank statement; and
  • Study the Maryland Driver’s Manual and take the Online Driver Test Tutorial to prepare for the knowledge test.
  • Schedule an appointment onli​ne to apply for a federally non-compliant driver’s license or identification card.
  • You will be asked to surrender your out-of-state identification card before you can obtain a Maryland one.