What Happens If A Driving School Closes?

​​What if My Driving School Closes and I Have Not Completed My Training?
Driving schools usually do not close in the middle of training.  However, if the school you are attending does close unexpectedly, the MVA makes every effort to help. The MVA will base its evaluation on any available documentation and give students credit for training that is completed.
Here are the steps you and the driving school should follow:
Driving School Students:
  • Make sure you have copies of your records. The school should be documenting the completion of each “behind the wheel” and classroom component. The records are multiple copy colored forms.  You should have been given a pink copy as you went through the program. The form titles are:
    • DE 003A, Classroom Student Record and Completion Form
    • DE 003B, Behind the Wheel Student Record and Completion Form
Note: If you have a copy of your records, there is no need to contact the MVA to obtain an additional copy.

  • If you do not have a copy of your records, please contact the MVA’s driver educational program at 410-787-7769.  If the MVA has copies of your records, we will send you copies by U. S Postal Service. If you would like to receive the records sooner, you can arrange to pick them up, in person, at room 207 of the Motor Vehicle Administration, 6601 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, Maryland, 21062.
  • File a claim with the insurance company that issued the school’s surety bond. The surety bond is intended to protect the customer against financial losses that can result from this type of occurrence. The insurance company will require copies of student records and receipts showing any payments made to the driving school.  It is recommended that you have the documents ready when you contact the insurance company, which will provide specific directions regarding your claim.
  • Select a new driving school to complete your training.  Click here to find a new one​
  • Present the new school with your completion forms and allow them to make copies for their records.  Please keep your originals for your records. The new school will determine what training you may still need and the cost. After you complete all the requirements, the new school will certify the completion of your training so that you can schedule your driving skills test at the MVA branch office of your choice.  

 Driving Schools:

  • Must send all student records dating back three (3) years from the date of closure to the Motor Vehicle Administration’s Driver Instructional Services Division (DISD), Room 207 at the Glen Burnie MVA headquarters, 6601 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD.
  • Immediately stop providing training in any form after sending all of the records, licenses, and official MVA documentation to the MVA.
  • Provide refunds to any customer who has paid for, but not received, any aspect of training (suggested).