Towing - New Legislative Changes That Affect the Insurance Industry

  1. Vehicle Laws - Required Security - Electronic Reporting Requirements-HB-1180
  2. Motor Vehicles Towing Practices & Procedures- HB-160 & SB-401
  3. Mopeds and Motor Scooters-Titling, Insurance, and Required Use of Protective Headgear- SB309

The Motor Vehicle Administration Central Operations and Safety Programs Insurance Compliance Division is providing notice of changes to Maryland laws as follows:

Effective October 1, 2012, in accordance with House Bill 1180, Vehicle Laws – Required Security – Electronic Reporting Requirements:

Each insurer or other provider of required security shall:

  • Immediately notify the administration electronically of new motor vehicle insurance policies issued from insured vehicles registered in the state of Maryland. The MVA will be promulgating regulations related to this legislation.
  • For each fleet policy, electronically notify the administration every 30 days of any additions, deletions, or modifications to the fleet policy, including those policy numbers affected

Effective October 1, 2012, in accordance with House Bill 160 & Senate Bill 401, Motor Vehicles – Towing Practices and Procedures:

  • A person who undertakes the towing or removal of a vehicle shall notify the owner, any secured party, and the insurer of record by certified mail within 3 days after towing or removing the vehicle insurance company for that vehicle. In the near future a bulletin will be sent to your company regarding implementation of this bill.

Effective October 1, 2012,  in accordance with Senate Bill 309, Mopeds and Motor Scooters – Titling, Insurance, and required Use of Protective Gear:

  • Requires the owner of moped or motor scooter to certify at the time of titling that the vehicle is covered by a certain security and requiring the operator of a motor scooter or moped to carry evidence of a certain required security when operating the motor scooter or moped.

If you have any questions concerning this bulletin please email the MVA at