Consumer Complaint Instruction Sheet

General Complaint Form

​Thank you for contacting this Administration regarding your complaint against a Maryland Vehicle Dealer. Consumer complaints are often very complex; therefore certain information is essential to ensure a complete and thorough review of your situation.

Please take a few extra minutes to review this instruction sheet and complete all sections of the complaint form. It is most important to attach copies of all paperwork relating to this transaction including; contracts, temporary tag certificates, receipts, repair orders, warranties, waiver of warranties, etc. Do not send originals.

The MVA's authority is limited to enforcement of Maryland Vehicle Law relating to the sale of vehicles by a licensed vehicle dealer. Your complaint may fall under the jurisdiction of another agency. Below are some common types of problems and the agencies that can best assist you with them.

  • Used vehicle warranty - Used vehicle warranty complaints are covered by Maryland Vehicle Law. However, you must file your complaint within the first 30 days or 1,000 miles of the expiration of the warranty in order for it to be determined if the defect occurred during the warranty period. Any complaints filed past the 30 day, 1,000-mile period, will be returned. Office of Investigations, Motor Vehicle Administration, (410) 768-7536.
  • Repairs – The Administration's authority to investigate repair complaints are limited to warranties provided by the dealer at the time of sale. Repairs not covered by the warranty are handled by the Attorney General's Office, Division of Consumer Protection (410) 528-8662.
  • Inspections – Inspection facilities are licensed by the Maryland State Police. Complaints must be filed within the first 30 days of/or the first 1,000 miles of ownership. Contact the Automotive Safety Enforcement Division (ASED) of the Maryland State Police at (410) 768-1735 or (410) 768-7388.
  • Repossessions – Repossessions are covered by Maryland Commercial Law and regulated by the Commission of Consumer Credit (410) 333-6830.​
  • New vehicle warranty – Warranty repairs for new vehicle are covered by the Automotive Warranty Enforcement Act (Lemon Law). Consult your vehicle owner's manual for instructions on filing for arbitration. You may also contact the Attorney Generals Office, Division of Consumer Protection for additional information at (410) 528-8662.
  • Small claims courts – Small Claims Court is also available for claims up to $2,500 and you do not need an attorney to file suite. For additional information, contact the district court in the jurisdiction where you live.
  • Mail your complaint form with copies of all related document to:
    Office of Investigations,
    6601 Ritchie Highway
    Glen Burnie, MD 21062

Once received, your complaint will be reviewed and assigned an investigator. The investigator will contact the dealer on your behalf and advise them of the complaint. The dealer will also be notified in writing. You will receive a letter that will contain your investigator's name and phone number.

If we cannot assist you, we will notify you in writing and we'll try to suggest some other options your may pursue.

For more information on state and local licensing requirements, visit the Business License Information System website COMAR, Rules and Regulations are available at Maryland Law is available online at

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