Print on Demand FAQ's

Will a new temporary plate number be issued for extensions?​

No, the same number will be extended. However, there will be an additional charge of $15.00 for the extension.

When can the 30-day extension be given?

The extension will be available 50 days after the tag is issued and will add an additional 30 days to the original expiration date.

How will transfers be handled?

The same as they are today, the new system is only for temporary tags.

Who should have user affidavits?

Everyone who will be using the system will need to complete a user affidavit.  Please let us know if someone resigns, retires, etc.

Can we charge the $20 ERT fee for processing a temporary plate?

No, the $20 ERT fee is for the electronic processing of a complete transaction in which a title number and/or a permanent registration has been issued through a Service Provider.

What about when the system is down?

For temporary plates, we suggest that you sign up with both vendors.  If one vendor is down, you can process using the other.

What if MVA goes down?

MVA has assigned both vendors a series of temporary plate numbers to be issued if the MVA system goes down.  These reserve numbers could be issued to the dealerships and the owner and vehicle information would be transmitted to MVA when the system comes back online.

What happens if my internet connection is unavailable?

Since the temporary plate system can be accessed with a laptop computer there are several options for mobile internet connections, such as an AirCard or a wireless connection for a mobile hotspot.

Will the “insurance inquiry” flag stop the issuance of a temporary plate?

No, the inquiry flag will not stop the issuance of a temporary plate but an insurance violation will.

If the customer has an “insurance violation”, will the flag stop the issuance of a temporary plate?

Yes, however you may contact MVA’s Insurance Compliance Telephone System at 410 768-7431 to pay your outstanding violation.  The telephone number is available 24/7.  Once the confirmation number is given, the flag will be automatically removed and a temporary plate can be issued.

Do you have to have a laser printer?

No, laser printers are recommended but not required. An ink jet printer is acceptable for use with the new system. 

If we have cardboard tags that are not eligible for a refund, do we destroy them or turn them in to MVA?

Turn them in to MVA.

Does the PoD temporary plate require signatures?

Yes, the customer must sign the temporary registration.

Can we use a laptop?

A laptop can be used for the Temp Plate Print on Demand System, but the full Electronic Registration and Titling (ERT) package requires a desktop computer in a stationary location.

How much are the plastic sleeves?

The plastic sleeves are available at no cost to you and are shipped directly to your dealership.

Do we have to order the plastic sleeves (bags) or will they automatically be sent to us?

The bags must be ordered from Maryland Correctional Enterprises.  The order form is available on our website and can be faxed to 410-799-1370.  The sleeves will be delivered directly to your dealership. 

Are the temporary plate refunds issued as a voucher or cash?

A check will be issued to the dealership from the comptroller’s office.

What happens if someone changes his or her mind after a temp has been issued?

The tag can be voided at any time prior to its expiration date. 

Do we get a refund if we void?

No, once a temporary plate number has been issued the funds will be collected and refunds will not be given.

What type of documentation do we need to keep if the customer says they lost their tag?

No documentation is required by MVA, but we do recommend you have them sign a statement stating they lost their tag.​