Temporary Registration

​Used vehicles are required to pass a safety inspection prior to being registered in Maryland. However, if you are having difficulty arranging the inspection, you may be eligible for a 30-day temporary registration or a military personnel inspection waiver, both of which allow you to drive the vehicle prior to its inspection.

The following types of inspection waivers are discussed below:

Note that 60-day temporary plates can only be displayed on vehicles that have met Maryland’s safety inspection requirements. These plates are issued only by Maryland dealers who are required by law to have all of their vehicles safety inspected before they are sold.

For more information about Maryland’s safety inspections requirements, see Vehicle Safety Inspection.


  • There is a fee for a 30-day temporary registration. When an application is made for a temporary registration, the fees for the temporary and permanent registration, title, and excise tax will be collected at that time.
  • Once the vehicle is inspected, the customer must submit the paper inspection certificate, or the inspection station may electronically transmit the inspection information to the MVA. A 15 day temporary registration may be provided to the customer and a new registration card and year sticker will be printed and mailed to the customer. Registration fees vary by the type of vehicle and/or its intended use. See Fees for Registration Plates for more information.
  • To search for an e-inspection or to locate an inspection station that processes electronic inspections, please log onto the Maryland State Police website here.

Contact Information:

Mail In Title Unit

6601 Ritchie Highway, N.E.
Glen Burnie, MD 21062

For telephone questions:
MVA Customer Service Center:    1-410-768-7000
TTY/Hearing Impaired:                    1-301-729-4563

I purchased a vehicle that has not been safety inspected in Maryland. Can I obtain a temporary registration in order to drive the vehicle to an inspection station?

Yes, if you have a title for the vehicle, or are applying for a Maryland title at the same time, you may be eligible for a 30-day temporary registration. Note that the temporary registration is provided so that you can drive your vehicle to and from an authorized Maryland inspection station, weighing station, or repair facility in order to have the vehicle pass a Maryland safety inspection.

To apply for the 30-day temporary registration, complete the Temporary Inspection Waiver VR-129 form. Be sure to include your insurance information; your vehicle liability insurance policy must conform to Maryland’s minimum liability insurance requirements.

You can submit the waiver application and the applicable fee in-person at any of the MVA’s full service branch offices. You also can mail your documents and fee to the MVA’s Mail in Title Unit in the Glen Burnie office, or go to an MVA licensed tag and title service where they will assist you in applying. Licensed tag and title services will charge a fee for this service.

A temporary registration card and metal license plates will be issued to you if you apply in person. Otherwise, these items will be mailed to you. When you receive the plates, affix them to your vehicle. The temporary registration card must be carried in the vehicle.

Once you obtain the Maryland Safety Inspection Certificate or the inspection information is electronically transmitted to the MVA, you should return to any of the MVA's full service branch offices with the original (top) copy of the Certificate to purchase your permanent registration. If you do not plan to immediately obtain a permanent registration for your vehicle, you should still submit the original copy of the Certificate to any full service MVA office within 90 days of the safety inspection date.

Note: You must title your vehicle before or at the same time as you apply for the 30-day temporary registration. Access the infoMVA homepage and select the most appropriate description for information about titling requirements. Commonly used titling processes include:

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