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Terry L.​​, Employee of the Month​

The warehouse was made aware of a major school bus tag supply issue at the Glen Burnie branch less than two days before the first day of school. Over 120 school bus titles needed to be processed and there weren’t enough available at headquarters or the warehouse. Terry worked after hours, realizing that the tags were scheduled for delivery the next Tuesday, which wouldn’t work to make sure all the buses were operating safely for the first day. When he got the call, Terry immediately turned his vehicle around, went back to warehouse, researched tag availability at all the branches, reached out to them, and drove to the Annapolis branch to pick up the necessary tags to ensure they would be at headquarters for processing by the next morning. Typically, only about 100 of these tags are processed per year, so this was a complete out-of-the-blue experience. Thanks to Terry, the school bus tags were processed so the students had transportation when school started.​