Office of Civil Rights and Fair Practices

​The MDOT MVA Office of Civil Rights and Fair Practices is responsible for monitoring the internal and external programs ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing the agency.  Our internal responsibilities include the investigation and resolution of allegations of Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying. Our office reviews requests for reasonable accommodations, pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act. Our external programs ensure that employees work together to provide our customers with an experience that is free of discrimination, and their transactions are conducted in a respectful manner.  We are committed to providing prompt, courteous, and efficient service to all of our customers, internal and external.  Premiere customer service is our Number One Priority.   

Our office strives to promote Diversity and Inclusion, helping to create an environment where all are valued and respected. The frequently asked questions below may provide information to assist you in scheduling your appointment or your visit to the MDOT MVA. Please contact our office if you need additional support during your visit.       

Does MDOT MVA offer sign language interpreters?


MDOT MVA offers sign language support (American Sign Language and Certified Deaf Interpreters) on a case by case basis. Please contact MDOT MVA Customer Service Center at 410-768-7000 for more information. If you need an interpreter to take a driving test or law test, please contact us via email at​

How do I contact MDOT MVA if I am hard of hearing or deaf?


You may reach the MDOT MVA using 711, by TTY (800) 492-4575 or using our contact form​.

Are MDOT MVA documents available in other languages?


MDOT MVA offers several documents and tests in other languages. We also have a limited number of staff members who speak second languages. If you need assistance finding a foreign language interpreter, we can help. Please contact customer service at (410) 768-7000/ toll-free (800) 950-1682 or click here to see a current interpreter list from our branches.

Are headphones available for testing?


Yes, you may request headphones when you enter the testing area. You must use the headphones supplied by MDOT MVA.​

Is there a limit on the number of times I can take a law test or driving skills test?


No, you may test as many times as you need; however, you must wait at least 7 days between each test after the second failed attempt. You must also have a scheduled appointment each time you test.​

Can someone at MDOTMVA read the test to me?


 If you require an accommodation such as an oral testing, please contact an MDOT MVA approved interpreter that can work with our branch management team to make your appointment. Those with learning disabilities should reach out to the Customer Service Center to schedule an appointment.

Can a family member read the test or accompany me while taking the test?


No, family members are not allowed in the testing areas.​

Can I receive extra time to take the test?


 If you require a special accommodation such as additional testing time, please report to the branch management office upon arrival to request this service.

Are the service counters in the branch low enough to service me as a wheelchair user?


Yes, our offices have counters that are designed for wheelchair users.​

Are the kiosk machines in the branch voice activated?


Our kiosk machines are not voice activated. If you need assistance using the kiosk or with your transaction, please visit the information desk for help.​

Are support animals allowed at MDOT MVA branch offices?


Only service animals such as dogs are currently permitted. If you need additional help accessing our services, please contact the MDOT MVA Office of Civil Rights and Fair Practices at (410) 768-7610 for guidance and support.

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