Why did I receive a Proof of Vehicle Insurance Needed letter?
Maryland Law requires all vehicles registered in the State of Maryland to maintain insurance. The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) received a cancellation notice from your vehicle’s Insurance Provider and we do not have a record of your current vehicle insurance.  If your vehicle is insured, please contact your Insurance Agent and ask them to submit an e-FR 19 form to the MDOT MVA.

If you no longer have the vehicle, please refer to the appropriate FAQ below.  

Proof (Verification) of Vehicle Insurance                                                                                                                         

I have vehicle insurance; how do I provide verification to MDOT MVA?
If you have received a Proof of Vehicle Insurance Needed Letter, the only acceptable proof of insurance is documentation provided by your Insurance Provider. 

I received a notice, but… 
My Vehicle is Registered/Titled in Another State
Submit a copy of the title and/or registration identifying the registration date in the new state.
My Insurance Company is Located Out of State or Unlicensed in Maryland
Maryland Law requires you must maintain Insurance with a Maryland Insurance Provider if your vehicle is registered in Maryland.  It is against regulations to have Maryland registration and out of state insurance, you must either obtain Maryland Insurance or register your vehicle in the state you Insured the vehicle.
My Vehicle or Vehicle Plates Were Stolen
Submit a copy of the police incident report verifying the exact dates that the vehicle and/or plates were reported stolen. If the vehicle and/or plates have been recovered, please submit the documentation from the police department that identifies the exact date that the vehicle and/or plates were returned to the owner and a Maryland Insurance Certification, (Form #FR-19), to verify coverage from that date.
My Vehicle was Traded In
Submit a copy of the bill of sale or the finance/trade-in agreement to verify the date of the transaction.
My Vehicle was Repossessed/Impounded
Submit a letter from the lien holder, repossessing agency or impound facility on their letterhead that indicates the exact dates for the period repossessed or impounded. 
If the owner redeemed the vehicle, documentation, and insurance verification, (FR-19) must reference the date the vehicle was returned.
My Vehicle was Sold to A Private Party
Submit a copy of the bill of sale, a copy of the Maryland title (both sides) indicating the exact date of the transaction. The document must be signed and dated by the buyer and the seller.
My Vehicle was Totaled in an Accident 
Submit a letter from the insurance company declaring the vehicle a total loss including accident date. The letter must indicate if the vehicle was returned to you.  If there was no settlement by the insurance company, submit a copy of the police report.
My Vehicle was Junked/Donated
Submit a letter from the facility, on their letterhead, signed by an authorized representative indicating the exact date the vehicle was junked/donated.
My Vehicle was Shipped Out of Country
Submit a copy of the shipping documents indicating the exact date that the vehicle was shipped and the foreign vehicle insurance certification. Also, please enclose a statement indicating the approximate length of stay. If the vehicle is returned to Maryland, please submit the shipping documents and Maryland Insurance Certification, (form #FR-19), to verify the coverage from the date the vehicle was returned to Maryland.
Documents submitted must include the year, make and vehicle identification number
Acceptable submission methods include:
  • MDOT MVA Contact ​For​m​
  • Fax 410-768-7073 or 
  • ​Mail: MDOT MVA, Insurance Compliance Division, 6601 Ritchie Highway N. E., Glen Burnie, MD 21062.
To see a listing of authorized insurance companies in Maryland, click here.