Background Scene Plates | Agricultural and Chesapeake Bay Plates

Customer alert: MVA is currently in the process of making small enhancements to the design of the Chesapeake Bay license plate. As a result, we are pausing orders for personalized or vanity phrases only on Chesapeake Bay Plates for the next 30 days while the new plates are manufactured.​

General Information

MDOT MVA offers two different backgroun​d scene plates – the Chesapeake Bay Plate and the Agricultural Plate. The following vehicles are eligible to purchase these plates:

Eligible Vehicles

  • Class A, passenger cars
  • Class M, multi-purpose vehicle
  • Class EFT, (Agricultural plate only)
  • Class EPO, trucks up to 1 ton (up to 26,000 lbs.)
  • Class G, trailer

Vehicles with plates for individuals with disabilities or personalized plates can obtain Chesapeake Bay or Agricultural Plates. Seven (7) character personalized plates will not include the blue heron. In addition to the annual registration fee, there is an additional yearly fee for personalized plates.


There is an initial fee for purchasing either the Chesapeake Bay Commemorative Plate or the Agricultural Plate. In addition to the initial fee there is an annual fee that goes directly to the Chesapeake Bay Trust and/or the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation.

Plate Images

Agricultural Plate


Chesapeake Bay Plate

Chesapeake Bay  

To Request a Background Scene Plate

There are several different options for obtaining a background scene plate:

  • Order Onli​ne Here​
  • By mail – complete and sign the applicatio​n. A separate application and fee are needed for each set of plates. Mail the completed application and a check or money order to the MVA and the plates will be mailed to you. (Please note: Plates have an additional yearly renewal fee.)

If you are renewing your registration at the same time, include your renewal notice and registration fee along with the additional plate fee.

Make check payable to MVA. Checks must include imprinted name and address, MD ID (Driver’s License Number)​, and home and/or work phone number.

On receipt of your Chesapeake Bay or Agricultural Plates, immediately return the license plate(s) presently on your vehicle to any MDOT MVA office for cancellation.

For More Information

For more information about either the Chesapeake Bay Trust or the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation, please click on their logo below.