Six-Year Emission Testing

Many Maryland vehicles are driving cleaner than ever before! Under updated rules, vehicle models 2019 or newer, under ORIGINAL OWNERSHIP are exempt from emissions testing for the first six-years of the vehicle's life. After the six-year exemption, testing is required every two-years.  

You may have previously received a testing due date from MVA, but that date has changed depending on the model year of your vehicle and several other factors. View more information in the FAQ below:

Is my vehicle eligible for a six-year emission testing due date?

Under updated rules, if your vehicle model is a 2019 or newer AND you are the original purchaser of the vehicle, your emissions test date has been extended based on its model year. See the chart below. You can always check your e​missions test date in your myMVA online a​​ccount​.​​
TestingChart-sm2.png. ​

Where can I find my new vehicle emission testing date?

You can view the exact due date for your next vehicle emissions test through your myMVA online account or you can wait until the MVA sends you a notification (about 8 weeks prior to your due date). To get started with a myMVA account and unlock information about all your MVA due dates, upcoming renewals and more, click here

My vehicle is a 2021 model year, that I purchased used in 2023, am I eligible to test on the six-year cycle?

If you are not the original purchaser of the vehicle you will continue with a two-year vehicle emissions testing cycle even if the vehicle is a model year 2019 or newer. ​

Will you send me a paper notification if my testing date has been changed by the six-year model regulation?

If you purchased NEW a 2019, 2020, or 2021 vehicle model, please login or create your myMVA Online Services account​ to check your emissions test due date. It may have changed from your original test date, and you will not be notified until your first testing notice.

Will I always test every-six years moving forward?

No, if you purchased your vehicle in 2019 or after, and you are the original owner of the vehicle, you will test once at the six-year mark. After that, you will be required to test every two-years. ​

If I’m not exempt and cannot test, what should I do?

You may be eligible for an extension or waiver, click here for more information. ​

Are used vehicles eligible for the 6 model year exemption?

No. Regardless of the model year, used vehicles are not included in this program and must go through the two-year vehicle emissions year testing. ​