MVA's Authorized Online Vision Certification Service

All Maryland drivers' license holders must meet certain vision requirements when renewing their driver's license. Commercial drivers must meet both federal and state vision requirements. Non-commercial drivers aged 40 & over are required to have a vision exam at each renewal period and those under the age of 40 are minimally required to have a vision exam every other renewal period. To view these requirements click Vision Requirements.

To assist customers with meeting the vision requirements, the MVA created a web based Online Vision Certification Service that allows Authorized Online Vision Certification Providers to submit an individual's vision results electronically to the MVA. The electronic submission of a customer's vision information allows eligible customers to renew their non-commercial driver's license through MVA's website or self service kiosk. For walk-in customers requiring vision as part of their transaction it can eliminate the vision screening step in the renewal process. Click here for more information on Renewing Your Maryland Driver's License.​

Eye Care Providers


To sign up as an authorized provider click or to learn more information about Authorized Online Vision Certification Providers (AVP).

To view a prototype of the online vision service used to enroll, create user accounts, or to view the vision service application used to enter and transmit a patient's vision results click on

You may also want to view the Frequently Asked Questions For Eye Care Providers for additional information.​

Authorized Online Vision Certification Providers (AVP)


AVPs are eye care practitioners who are licensed by the Maryland Department of Health (MDH​) to practice medicine, ophthalmology or optometry. To enroll, AVPs are required to complete an MVA approved online application that requires specific information. During this process a validation of their professional licensing status is verified against the MDH. Once approved, AVPs can access the Online Vision Certification Service. Authorized Vision Providers may be recog​nized by the "MVA Authorized Online Vision Certification Provider Decal" displayed on their business window or door.

Click here to find the listing of Authorized Online Vision Certification Providers

Online Vision Certification Service


The service allows Authorized Online Vision Certification Providers to submit a vision patient's exam results electronically to the MVA. It is managed using a secure web based application, which looks very similar to the MVA's paper vision certification completed today.

The vision patient is required to show their MD driver's license or ID card to the vision provider. The provider will enter the LIC# or ID# and Birth Date from the card to ensure that results are applied to the individual's motor vehicle record. Vision results are valid for 24 months from the vision examination date.

Once the results are submitted to the MVA, eligible customers can then renew their license through MVA's website or self service kiosk. For renewal option information Renewing Your Maryland Driver's License. For additional information you may also want to view the Frequently Asked Questions.​

Frequently Asked Questions