Frequently Asked Questions for MVA's Authorized Online Vision Certification Service

Eye Care Providers

1. How does this service benefit my business?

The new web-based process will benefit both the medical community and their patients by eliminating the necessity of filling out the MVA's paper Vision form. By using this electronic service, eligible customers will be able to renew their license online or at an MVA Kiosk. By using these services, customers will have access to more convenient and accessible licensing renewal options.​

2. How do I sign up for this service?

To sign up, simply go to​​. Your licensing status will be verified with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Once you are enrolled, you can login and the system will automatically check the status of your Maryland medical license each time you use the system. The instantaneous check confirms your authority to submit the vision results to the MVA.​

3. Does this service comply with HIPAA privacy rules?

Yes. The service uses an authorized website and secure account. Information regarding vision results is transmitted on behalf of your customer and is encrypted. MVA complies with all relevant federal and state privacy rules regarding the use of its data. This data is intended for business purposes only.​

4. Are other states conducting a similar program?

Only a handful of states have a similar program. With your participation, Maryland can become a model for the rest of the country regarding the provision of online license renewal and vision certification results.​

5. How will customers know I am a participating MVA Online Vision Certification Provider?

All providers who have enrolled in this service through the MVA will be listed on the MVA's website. In addition, your patient's may contact your office directly to inquire about your participation in the program. You will also be receiving a decal for display for your business indicating you are an authorized MVA Online Vision Certification Provider after you have successfully enrolled.​

6. How long once I have transmitted the applicant's Vision results do they remain valid in MVA's system?

Vision results are valid 12 months from the actual date of the exam.​

7. If I have additional questions regarding this program where do I go for this information?

You may visit for more information. You may also call 888-963-EGOV (3468) or 410-990-1090.​

8. If there is an issue with the vision information that I have transmitted, how will I be notified?

If for some reason vision results are not submitted successfully through the system, the provider will be notified. If the vision results for a customer render them ineligible for an MVA product or service, the Administration will inform that customer.​

9. If After I have transmitted the vision results, how long will it typically take before the results are available on the customer's record and accessible for their transaction with the MVA?

Vision results should be available for customer transactions within one business day of your patient's office visit.​

For Customers

1. How will I know that my licensed Physician, Optometrist or Ophthalmologist is an authorized MVA Online Vision Certification Provider?

A list of current participating providers will be available on MVA's website. You may also contact the provider directly. Authorized participating providers are also issued a decal for display in their office after successfully enrolling in the service.​

2. Is it mandatory that I visit an authorized MVA Online Vision Certification Provider?

Eligible customers must visit an authorized MVA Online Vision Certification Provider if you wish to take advantage of this service and renew your license online or via an MVA Kiosk. More information on renewal options may be found by clicking here.​

3. What are the benefits to me if I visit an authorized MVA Online Vision Certification Provider?

It can save you Gas and Time, so you do not have to visit an MVA branch office to renew your driver's license. Customers age 40 and over are required to submit a vision screening in order to renew their license through the MVA website or via an MVA Kiosk. Visiting an authorized MVA Online Vision Certification Provider could allow you to renew your license, without having to visit an MVA office! Please click here for more information on renewal options.​

4. What type of driver's license customer can use this MVA Online Vision Certification service?

The new vision service is targeted at individuals aged 40 and over, who are required by law to have a vision test in order to renew their driver's licenses. You will be notified by the MVA through your renewal notice if you are qualified to renew your driver's license via the web or kiosk. For customers of any age, this service can also be utilized if you are required to renew your license in-person. If the MVA receives an acceptable vision screening through this service, you will not be required to take a vision screening when you arrive to renew your license.​

5. How long will my vision results remain valid once my vision provider transmits the results to the MVA?

Vision results are valid 24 months from the actual date of the exam.​

6. How soon after the Vision results are transmitted to the MVA can I renew my driver's license?

You should be able to renew your license the next business day after your provider transmits the results.​

7. If I wish to renew online or through an MVA Kiosk, how will I know that my Vision results have been received and I am now eligible to conduct my transaction?

Your vision results are available on MVA records one business day following their entry by your vision provider. The MVA is asking providers to enter vision results within 24 hours or less of the vision examination. If for some reason your results are not available or you are ineligible to renew via the web or MVA Kiosk, you will receive an error message indicating that your transaction cannot be processed. You may contact the MVA with any questions, or to determine if you are eligible to renew in-person.​

8. If I have additional questions regarding this program where do I go for this information?

You can visit Online Vision Service or call 410-768-7000 or contact us​.

9. Once I have applied to renew my license through the website or long will it take for me to receive my license?

The MVA states that you should allow up to 10 business days, but typically you should receive your license within 3 to 5 business days.​

10. What is the cost for this new service?

There is no additional cost to the authorized MVA Online Vision Certification Provider to transmit your vision results electronically; they only need a PC and internet service. As far as costs for an examination by your vision provider, those costs vary from provider to provider. You will need to contact the vision specialist directly. You will not be charged any additional fees by the MVA if you wish to take advantage of this customer friendly service. You will still be required to pay the appropriate MVA fee(s) according to your transaction (i.e. driver's license renewal).​

11. Why some people are eligible to renew online, at a kiosk or by mail-in and others are not?

There are many reasons why a person may not be eligible to renew through one of the MVA's alternative methods. The most common reason is that an individual who used the mail-in, web or kiosk to renew their currently expiring product is required by law to return to the MVA for an updated photograph. Additional reasons may include; failure of the applicant's social security number to verify with the Social Security Administration, suspension and/or revocation of their driving privilege, the individual's license/ID is not yet expired and is not within the required 12-month renewal eligibility period, etc.​