The Office of Investigations & Internal Affairs

The Office of Investigations and Internal Affairs is responsible for conducting investigations of behalf of the Motor Vehicle Administration.

The Investigation Division of the Office of Investigations and Internal Affairs conducts inspections of businesses that are licensed and regulated by the MVA as well as investigating complaints filed against these businesses.

The Investigation Division conducts inquiries concerning violations of Maryland Vehicle Law that pertains to fraudulent driver and vehicle documentation, compulsory insurance, vehicle registration, unlicensed sales of vehicles, dealer investigations and suspended and revoked driving privilege cases.

Investigators also carry out administrative tasks such as the review of handicap parking space applications as well as follow-up investigations from the Administrations Medical Advisory Board.

The Investigative Division works closely with Federal, State, County and Local law enforcement providing expertise in the area of Maryland rules and regulations as they pertain to vehicle and driver issues.

Contact Information

MVA - Office of Investigations & Internal Affairs

Room 53
6601 Ritchie Highway
Glen Burnie, MD 21062
410-768-7000 Customer Service Representative
410-768-7541 Headquarters
301-729-4563 TTY hearing impaired

Complaints and Investigations
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