​​An individual with a Maryland driver’s license who satisfactorily completes the Basic Rider Course (BRC) or the Alternate Basic Rider Course (ABRC) will receive a Motorcycle Safety Program Completion Certificate.  This certificate can be presented at any MVA full-service office for a Class "M" license.  Unless the individual has a valid learner's permit the appropriate fee must be paid.

The Completion Certificate is valid for six months from the date the individual completes the course, pass or fail.  If the Certificates expires it will NOT be renewed for any reason.

Individuals with an out-of-state license will not be issued a completion certificate.  Out-of-state participants should check with the department of motor vehicles in their home state to find out if they will issue a motorcycle license for a course completed in Maryland. If an individual’s home state requires any course documentation please contact the Program office for assistance.

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Courses Taken Out-of-State or from Another Source

Maryland Vehicle Law TR § 16-603.(f) does not allow the MVA to issue a Class M license to an individual who took a basic motorcycle safety course anywhere other than an Administration (MVA) approved training provider.  An approved provider is one that operates under an agreement with the Maryland Department of Transportation and the MVA.​