Maryland’s Traffic Records Program


Maryland's Traffic Records Program 

The Traffic Records Program of the MVA’s Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO) maintains a comprehensive statewide traffic records system. The data provides reliable, accurate, and timely information to manage and evaluate safety programs. Among the data collected are crash, roadway, citation, driver licensing, vehicle registration, commercial motor vehicle, emergency medical and trauma information.

All activities, from enforcement to education, rely on data, and the MHSO provides the data to support programs that help reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities. The system relies on the help of state and federal agencies, grantees, and partners to collect, maintain, and analyze the traffic data. The Traffic Records Coordinating Committee is a cooperative group of state agencies responsible for the management and use of traffic safety data.

Data is the key to the MHSO’s programs and the Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The accurate collection and timely dissemination of information is critical to the safety of all who use Maryland’s roadways.

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