Customer Connect

​MDOT MVA’s Customer Connect is a system modernization project that will change how our agency does business with our customers and partners. Customer Connect will allow MDOT MVA to deliver on our goal of providing premier customer service to Marylanders every day.

Phase 1 will include vehicle services, business licensing, and the International Registration Plan (IRP), and will deploy on July 6, 2020. Phase 2 will include driver services and will deploy in December​ 2021.

For customers visiting a branch office to complete a transaction, Customer Connect means our agents will have the ability to view a real-time account of each customer, making it easier to understand the needs of the individual and efficiently complete their transaction. Customers also will have the ability to complete more transactions online, like updating their insurance information and viewing all correspondence sent by the MDOT MVA.

For our partners, this one-stop-shop will calculate all fees, interface with more external systems, to prevent fraud and provide real-time updates, and simplify approval processes. Partners will be able to do even more transactions online than ever before.

For example, motor carriers will be able to:
  • Manage fleets, including fleet renewals and fleet maintenance transactions, such as adding and removing vehicles and changing vehicle weight.
  • Update fleet insurance, get replacement cab cards and, make payments.
  • View registration information.
Insurance agents will be able to check case status, provide updated insurance information, and file an uninsured motorist complaint. Vehicle owners will be able to update insurance and upload documents while agents can update policy information online.

Automotive dealers will be able to:
  • Make a payment by credit, ACH, or e-check.
  • Apply for, renew, get a duplicate, or corrected business license.
  • Request plates, additional inventory, and interchangeable plates.
  • Receive letters and view them as PDFs with the ability to reprint if needed.
Driving schools will be able to:
  • Add and remove vehicles, and submit any documents related to those vehicles.
  • Add locations, perform vehicle maintenance, and print wall licenses.
Additionally, included in Customer Connect is an enhanced Electronic Lien Service, which includes:
  • Security Interest Filings (SIF) are no longer printed – this becomes electronic.
  • Real-time web service available to add a lien or a lien holder, and request a lien release.
  • Ability to make Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.
  • Ability to release historical, current, and future liens electronically.
Please continue to check back for updates on Phase 1 and Phase 2 deployments.