Registration - IRP - Issuing a 72-Hour Trip Permit

​​Under the terms of the International Registration Plan (IRP), an out-of-state vehicle operator must obtain a Maryland 72-Hour Trip Permit, prior to driving the vehicle in Maryland, when all of these conditions are true:

  • the vehicle is registered in another jurisdiction; and,
  • the vehicle meets the criteria for apportioned (IRP) registration, but is not authorized to travel in Maryland (vehicle may or may not have an apportioned registration in the other jurisdiction); and,
  • the vehicle operator wishes to drive the vehicle in Maryland for only a brief period of time (less than 3 days).
  • buses traveling outside the state are required to register under the Interstate Registration Plan (IRP) or obtain a 72 hour interstate permit.

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is an agreement among states, including Maryland, and some Canadian provinces, regarding the collection and sharing of registration fees paid by commercial vehicles that travel across jurisdictional lines. For details about the IRP (apportioned) registration criteria and how to establish an IRP account in Maryland, see Registration – Apportioned Registration under the International Registration Plan (IRP).

Note that the use of a Maryland 72-Hour Trip Permit is only recommended when the out-of-state vehicle will be driven in Maryland less than three (3) times a year.  If you operate a Maryland registered vehicle that meets the IRP criteria and wish to drive it in another jurisdiction for which travel has not been authorized, you should contact the other jurisdiction for a trip permit.

How can I obtain a Maryland 72-Hour Trip Permit?

You may contact a vendor authorized by the MVA to offer them for sale to the public, or you may purchase the permit directly from the MVA.  In either case, the trip permit must be purchased prior to entering Maryland.

If you choose to purchase your trip permit through a vendor, contact the vendor directly.  Each vendor has developed their own procedures and their own 72-Hour Trip Permit form, which includes a serial number provided by the MVA.

If you choose to purchase the trip permit directly from the MVA, you can apply by mail, fax or in person to the Motor Carrier Services (MCS) section in the Glen Burnie MVA office You can also apply through any of the MVA’s full service branch offices, which will fax your application to the MCS section for processing.  Required documents include:

  • Application for International Registration Plan 72-Hour Trip Permit – You must specify the vehicle for which the trip permit will be used and indicate the requested beginning and end dates.  A separate application must be made for each trip permit requested.

Upon review of your application and receipt of your payment, the MCS section will issue the 72-Hour Trip Permit. The method by which you receive your permit depends upon how you submit your payment:

  • If you pay in person at the Motor Carrier Services (MCS) section, the MCS customer agent will hand you the trip permit immediately after payment.
  • If you pay in person at a branch office, the MCS section will fax the trip permit to the branch office.
  • If you mail your payment, the MCS section will mail the trip permit to you.


  • There is a fee for each 72-Hour Trip Permit obtained directly from the MVA.
  • A vendor will charge an additional, wire service fee.

Authorized Vendors:

  • Comdata                                                  1-800-749-6058

  • Custom Permit Service Company         1-800-669-5014

  • Nova Permit                                             1-800-567-7775

  • J. J. Keller                                                1-866-440-6358

  • T-Check Systems                                     1-866-351-2435          

  •  Highway Permits                                     1-888-731-0312

  •  West Coast Services                              1-888-737-6483

Contact Information:

Motor Carrier Services (MCS) Section

6601 Ritchie Highway, NE
Glen Burnie, MD 21062

Authorized Vendors:

Comdata - 1-800-937-6329
Custom Permits​ - 1-800-699-5014
Nova Permit - 1-800-567-7775
Xero-Fax Truck Permits - 1-800-937-6329

For telephone questions:
MVA Customer Service Center:    1-410-768-7000
TTY/Hearing Impaired:                   1-301-729-4563​