Duplicate Security Interest Filing (SIF) Request

A lien holder, which is usually a financial institution, may request a duplicate Security Interest Filing (SIF) when the original SIF has been lost, destroyed, altered, mutilated or mis-assigned.

What if the SIF contains incorrect information?

If the SIF contains incorrect information, you will need to request that the SIF be "corrected."

How do I request a duplicate SIF?

A lien holder may request the duplicate SIF in-person at the Glen Burnie Headquarters or by mail to the MVA Title File Unit. The request must include a completed Applicatio​n for Duplicate Security Interest Filing, signed by an authorized agent of the lien holder, and the original SIF if it is available.

If the lien holder chooses to receive the duplicate SIF immediately, the lien holder's representative must bring in proof of his or her identity. The proof can be in the form of a photo identification card, such as a driver's license or work identification card, or an authorization signed by a company official on business letterhead authorizing the request for a duplicate SIF.


  • There is a fee for a duplicate Security Interest Filing (SIF).

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