Obtaining a Moped Permit

You​ are required to obtain a moped permit if you do not possess a valid driver’s license and want to operate a moped or motor scooter on public roads. If your driving privilege has been suspended, revoked, refused or cancelled, you are not eligible for a moped permit. The minimum age to apply for and obtain a moped operator's permit is 16 years of age.

Your Maryland federally complaint or non-compliant moped permit is not issued at the time of your transaction; however, it will be mailed to your Maryland residential address on file. You should expect to receive your moped permit in the mail within 10 days. You will be an interim document, with which you may operate your moped until you receive the permit in the mail.

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is now printing/mailing one of the most secure driver’s licenses, learner’s permits and identification (ID) cards in the nation. All cards are now delivered through the mail within 7-10 business days. The new cards incorporate cutting-edge security features to help protect against identity theft and fraud. The new cards also meet all state and federal standards and are REAL ID compliant. As always, we encourage customers to Skip the Trip and renew their driver’s license or ID card via web, kiosk and mail. The MVA’s online services can be found here. Much more information on our new secure cards, including how to expedite delivery of the new products, can be found here.

What is the procedure for obtaining a moped permit?

Gather the documents that you will need to present to the MVA:

  • Please refer to sources of proof for required identity documentation and instructions.
  • Maryland MVA photo identification (ID) card - if you have one. The ID card must be surrendered to obtain a moped operator's permit.
  • Glasses or contact lenses, if needed (see vision requirements for more information);
  • If you are less than 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by your parent/guardian who will be required to sign the application in the presence of an MVA representative; and
  • Payme​nt.

Visit any MVA full-service branch office. When you arrive, the customer agent will:

  • Take your photograph. See MVA photo guidelines.
  • Review your documents;
  • Conduct a vision screening or review your vision screening form;
  • Verify your eligibility;
  • Have you sign the application following the MVA signature guidelines.
  • Administer the knowledge test for a moped.
  • If you fail the knowledge test you will be required to schedule an appointment to come back and retest.
  • Upon successful completion, the customer agent will retrieve your Maryland ID card, if applicable, and collect the fee.
  • Confrim the card was successfully processed for printing.
  • Provide you with the interim document. Note: you may operate your moped with the interim document until your permit arrives through the mail.

All mopeds and motor scooters are required to be titled in Maryland. Individuals are also required to verify at the time of titling that they carry at least the minimum amount of liability insurance for the moped or motor scooter and they must carry a current insurance card with them when operating the vehicle. Operators of mopeds and motor scooters are required to wear approved motorcycle helmets and approved eye protective devices. Riders must also wear approved motorcycle helmets. Please see Mopeds and Motor Scooters and Titling - Mopeds and Motor Scooters for additional information.

Because Maryland participates in the one license/permit for one person program, if you have a moped license and wish to apply for a learner's permit to obtain a driver's license, the learner's permit will not contain a photo. If you have a learner's permit with a photo and wish to apply for a moped license, the moped license will contain your photo and the learner's permit will be re-issued without a photo.


  • There is a fee for a moped permit.

Contact Information:

Driver Services Division

6601 Ritchie Highway, NE
Glen Burnie, MD 21062

For telephone questions:
MVA Customer Service Center:   1-410-768-7000
TTY/Hearing Impaired:                  1-800-492-4575