Non-Resident Violators Compact (NRVC)

The Non-Resident Violators Compact (NRVC) was initiated in 1965 to allow states to assist each other in enforcing driving laws. When an out-of-state driver violates certain driving laws of a member state and fails to appear for trial or pay the fine imposed for the violation, the state may send a non-compliance notice to the driver’s home state motor vehicle agency. The agency then notifies the driver about the problem.

When the Maryland MVA receives a non-compliance notice from another state, we send the driver the original out-of-state non-compliance notice and a Maryland MVA notice of suspension. The notice of suspension includes information about the out-of-state citation (ticket) and whom to contact to resolve the problem. The notice of suspension also includes a suspension date. On or before this suspension date, the driver must submit proof to the Maryland MVA that the problem has been resolved or face the suspension of his or her driving privileges in Maryland.

What should I do if I receive a non-compliance notice?

You should immediately use the information on the non-compliance notice and the notice of suspension to contact the appropriate out-of state authorities who can provide information on how you may pay your fine. After paying, be sure to ask for a receipt or other written proof that you resolved the problem. Submit the documentation to the Administrative Adjudication Division (AAD) of the Maryland MVA so that your suspension can be deleted or withdrawn.

Do NOT send your payment to the Maryland MVA.
You must resolve the problem directly with the state that issued the citation.

What happens next?

If you submit the proof of payment or problem resolution on or before the suspension date printed on the notice of suspension, the MVA will delete all record of the suspension. In effect, your driving record will not include any indication that you ever received a notice of suspension.

If you submit the proof of payment or problem resolution after the suspension date, the MVA will withdraw the suspension. However, your record will reflect the fact that your driving privileges were suspended from the suspension date until the date that you submitted the proof.

If you do nothing, your driving privilege will be suspended and you will not be able to operate a motor vehicle or obtain or renew a Maryland driver’s license until you present proof of payment or that the problem has been resolved.


  • You must pay the fine assessed by the other state before your Maryland driver’s license suspension can be deleted or withdrawn.

Contact Information:

Administrative Adjudication Division

6601 Ritchie Highway, N.E.
Glen Burnie, MD 21062

For telephone questions:
MVA Customer Service Center:    1-410-768-7000
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