Identity Theft

​This procedure details how the Court Liaison unit of the Investigative and Security Services (ISS) Division investigates and documents an Identity Theft case involving a person (Victim) whose identity has been fraudulently used by another person (Suspect) in the course of a traffic violation. The ISS only investigates cases that occurred in Baltimore City. Victims in cases occurring in all other jurisdictions are referred to appropriate agencies. The ISS court Liaison must perform some initial investigation, including a pre-interview, obtaining driving records, copies of citations and vehicle registrations and, if available, MVA digital images, prior to conducting interviews.

How do I file an identity theft complaint?

If the crime occurred in Baltimore City ONLY, you may contact the ISS Court Liaison's office (Office) by telephone or in person at the Baltimore City District Court. If the crime occurred in any other jurisdiction you will be referred to the appropriate State's Attorney's office for resolution of the situation.

Once you have contacted the Court Liaison's office you will be required to complete an Affidavit and provide the Court Liaison with any other pertinent information during an interview process.  Once the Liaison has all the necessary information, he/she will conduct an investigation.  The Liaison will inform you of the investigation results.

How do I clear my driving record once a warrant has been issued?

After a Defendant has been identified and charged, you may need to have your driving record cleared. The Court Liaison will assist you by completing the Warrant Recall form and having the information processed through the courts and the MVA database.

How do I recover any losses incurred as a result of the identity theft?

You may request that the Liaison write a letter of explanation in order to assist you in recovering any losses that were incurred as a result of the identity theft case (towing fees, impound storage fees, employment or wage loss, insurance rate increase or cancellation, etc.)

Can the Liaison assist me with criminal charges related to the identity theft?

If criminal traffic charges were filed against you as a result of an identity theft and the ISS Court Liaison can positively determine that you did not commit the crime(s), he/she may be able to assist you in handling the criminal traffic charges.

The ISS Court Liaison will instruct you to appear at the CJIS office to obtain a certified criminal background check with fingerprinting. The Liaison determines through criminal arrest photographs, fingerprinting results and criminal records obtained through the CJIS database that you are not the person originally charged and/or convicted of the violations.

The Liaison cannot remove any criminal charges; however he/she may write a letter on your behalf stating that you did not commit the crime(s). The Liaison will prepare a letter on your behalf to be sent to the State's Attorney explaining the circumstances of the case and the outcome of their investigation. At that time he/she will request the name in the District Court database associated with the crime(s) be changed to reflect the Defendant's name.

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