MVA Environmental Management / Universal Waste

Universal Waste regulations were enacted to provide a way for businesses and organizations to easily manage, store and dispose of commonly generated hazardous waste streams. In Maryland, there are five (5) categories of universal waste that include: 1) Lamps, 2) Batteries, 3) Mercury Containing Equipment, 4) Pesticides, and 5) PCB containing light ballasts.  All Universal Wastes generated at MVA is sent to a licensed contractor for recycling.

What can I do at my home to properly dispose of these items?

There are several ways for you as a homeowner to properly dispose of  the materials listed above.  Many of the items along with others can be taken to your Local Household Hazardous Materials (HHW) Collection Facility.  Click here to see the HHW Collection Programs for your county and what items they accept.  Whenever possible, homeowners should do their best to purchase only as much of an item as they need or if possible use a non-hazardous materials instead.

There are many options for the recycling or proper disposal of materials.

  • Several home improvement chains have programs in place to accept Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL’s) and certain types of batteries. Check with your local store to see what items they accept. In addition, if a bulb were to break at your home, the EPA has information online on how to properly clean up the broken bulb. Click here to view the process.
  • If you have a thermostat that you would like to recycle click here to find a local business that will accept them.
  • By clicking here you can find area retailers who will accept rechargeable and cell phone batteries for recycling. In addition some charities will take cell phones and batteries.
  • Earth 911 is another good source to find locations to drop off various materials for recycling or proper disposal. You can narrow your search by a type of material and your zip code.

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