MVA Environmental Management / Pesticides

​Pesticides are used to prevent, destroy and repel any pests or unwanted plants. Pesticides are variable in appearance and can come in the form of a spray, powder or liquid.  The most common products that contain pesticides are insect repellents, insect sprays, rodent poison and weed killers. Pesticides should always be handled and applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations and any federal, state and local laws.

What is MVA doing?

MVA has developed procedures for the proper handling, storage and disposal of pesticides at all MVA locations.  Only certified applicators are able to apply any pesticides at the MVA facilities.

What can I do at my home to properly dispose of pesticides?

Many Local Household Hazardous Materials (HHW) Collection Facilities will accept pesticides.
Click here to find the closest HHW Collection Program facility.  Below are few reminders about pesticides and alternatives to pesticides use.
  • Purchase non-toxic pesticides or use alternative methods such as traps and diversified planting.
  • Store pesticides in an appropriate location and away from children and pets.
  • Consumers should do their best to purchase only as much of a pesticide as needed or use a non-hazardous material instead.
  • When applying pesticides, never spray near children, pets, and food or water sources.
  • An empty pesticide container may be recycled (if accepted in your area) or disposed of in the trash.

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