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If You Choose To Consume, Choose a Sober Ride Home

Ahead Of ‘420’, State Officials Remind Marylanders to Consume Cannabis Responsibly

GLEN BURNIE, MD (April 19, 2024) – Ahead of “420” or April 20th, the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration’s (MDOT MVA) Highway Safety Office is reminding all Marylanders to plan a safe and sober ride home if they plan to consume cannabis, or any alcohol and/or drugs this weekend. In 2023, impairment of any alcohol and/or drug led to 114 fatalities, according to preliminary data. 

To help educate budtenders, or those that serve customers in dispensaries, the MVA’s Highway Safety Office has worked with Learn Brands* to develop an optional educational course on the dangers of impaired driving – different than the mandated courses. To date, more than 500 budtenders have taken the course, at no cost. According to the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA), in the first nine months of legal adult-use sales, which started July 1, 2023, there has been $512 million in adult-use sales. Fridays and Saturdays, as well as holidays, have the highest sales volume. 

“This cannabis-impaired driving safety course provides essential training to promote responsible choices among consumers, offering alternatives to driving under the influence of cannabis and emphasizing safe decision-making before operating one’s vehicle,” said Chrissy Nizer, Motor Vehicle Administrator and Governor Wes Moore’s Highway Safety Representative.  

In March, the MCA awarded 70 new social equity cannabis dispensary licenses via a lottery. This will bring the total number of dispensaries in Maryland to more than 170. As with existing businesses, all employees of these new licensees will be required to take an annual training course offered through MCA’s Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) program. RVT provides comprehensive, vetted training to all cannabis business agents on a wide range of topics including responsible sale and consumption of cannabis products. Additionally, the Maryland Highway Safety Office will continue to partner with those in the community to ensure budtenders and consumers understand the risks of attempting to drive while under the influences of cannabis.  

 “The Maryland Cannabis Administration is pleased to partner with MDOT MVA to educate Marylanders on the dangers of drugged driving”, said Dawn Berkowitz, MCA’s Managing Director of Public Health and Communications. A new health and safety media campaign, BeCannabisSmart, is rolling out this month, and initially will focus on the hazards of consuming cannabis while, or before, driving. It is important for consumers to realize that even small amounts of cannabis can impact focus and reaction time, and that the intoxicating effects of edible products can be delayed several hours or more.” MCA has partnered with the Maryland Department of Health in producing the BeCannabisSmart campaign.    

According to MD Code, Transportation, § 21-903 drivers are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages, or smoking or consuming cannabis while driving. Learn more about the MDOT MVA’s Highway Safety Office at or on Facebook, Twitter/X and Instagram at @ZeroDeathsMD. 


About Learn Brands 

Learn Brands is a leading budtender training platform designed to equip dispensary staff with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. Their comprehensive curriculum goes beyond product education, encompassing critical areas like responsible consumption and public safety. The platform offers a university-grade learning management system that allows brands and dispensaries to deliver consistent, high-quality training to budtenders. This ensures employees have a clear understanding of cannabis regulations, potential health effects, and most importantly, the consequences of driving under the influence.  

Learn Brands is proud to partner with the Maryland Department of Transportation in their mission to promote responsible cannabis use and keep our roads safe. ​