Physician Responsibility to Refer Patients to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration


Physicians and other primary care providers are strongly encouraged to refer their patients to the MVA if there are concerns about medical fitness to drive.

Physicians should refer to the American Medical Association's guidelines for ethical responsibilities – including the responsibility to assess and discuss any impacts on driving in the course of treatment or administering medications.

Maryland Vehicle Law does not require, but allows for the referral of patients to the MVA and generally protects these referrals from potential legal ramifications and protects the patient's confidentiality. For specific Maryland requirements please refer to: Maryland Vehicle Law, Transportation Article, Section 16-119 of the Annotated Code of Maryland and Code of Maryland Regulations, COMAR

There are two basic types of referral.

  • One type of referral is of a patient for whom there is great concern about current fitness to drive with a recommendation for suspension of the driving privilege. The referral should note the medical condition(s) and the reason why the condition precludes safe driving. In the vast majority of cases, these recommendations for suspension are affirmed by MVA administrative action.
  • The second type of referral notifies the MVA of possible concerns about fitness to drive and requests that the MVA conduct an evaluation of the driver.

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