Procurement and Contracts

​​The Procurement and Contracts Division serves as the focal point for vendors wishing to do business with the MVA. The division supports the 25 branch office network and 19 vehicle emissions test stations located throughout the State of Maryland. Consultant or construction services, commodities, equipment, maintenance contracts, information technology, or architectural and engineering needs are handled by this division.

The MVA must follow state procurement regulations. The regulations may be found in the State Financial and Procurement Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Code of Maryland State Procurement Regulations (COMAR) Title 21, entitled "State Procurement Regulations."

Contact Information

Please contact the Procurement and Contracts office at​ if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Buying Procedure

Depending on the amount of the purchase, the MVA uses different buying mechanisms. Small procurements are defined as those having a value of less than $25,000.

Small procurements are classified into three categories:

  • Category I Small Procurements - $2500 or less;
    (Competition is the decision of the procurement officer)
  • Category II Small Procurements - More than $2500 but less than $10,000;
    (Verbal or written competition is the decision of the procurement officer)
  • Category III Small Procurements - More than $10,000 but less than $25,000;
    (Written competition is required)

Verbal, written and published solicitations from vendors are acceptable methods for small procurements.

Sealed Competitive Process

The sealed competitive process involves purchases over $25,000. The sealed competitive bid or the competitive sealed proposal process will be determined in accordance with State Procurement Regulations and the need of the MVA. A competitive sealed bid is awarded on the basis of the lowest evaluated price. A competitive sealed proposal is awarded by a weighted evaluation of a technical and a price proposal. In the case of Architectural & Engineering services, proposals are awarded through a weighted evaluation of a technical proposal and a negotiation of price.

MVA Delegated Authority - the MVA has the following delegated purchasing authority:

  • Construction - up to $200,000
  • Commodities/Supplies - up to $25,000
  • Maintenance - up to $200,000
  • Services - up to $50,000
  • Information Technology - up to $25,000
  • Architectural & Engineering - up to $200,000

Bonding Requirements

The majority of capital projects for the MVA in excess of $100,000 require bid bonds (5% of proposed price); performance bonds (100% of award amount) and payment bonds (100% of award amount). Other bonding requirements may be required for specific contracts.

Insurance Requirements

All service, maintenance, information technology and construction contracts require insurance certificates for general liability and workers compensation. Additional insurance, dictated by the nature of the contract, may also be required.

Minority Business Enterprises

The State of Maryland's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification is an important economic development and business support program for the minority business community. The Maryland Department of Transportation is committed to a 25% department-wide MBE participation goal when awarding contracts.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is committed to providing maximum contracting opportunities to certified minority business enterprises. It is further committed to structure its procurements to allow for an overall goal of 25% MBE participation.

For further information on the Minority Business Enterprise Program​.


The Procurement and Contracts Division prefers vendors and contractors to schedule an appointment with the procurement buying staff. This allows us to manage our work in a more effective manner. You may contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.​.

Purchasing Advertisement

All procurement opportunities above $25,000 are advertised in the eMaryand Marketplace website.  All vendors must be registered with the eMaryland Marketplace in order to receive solicitation information on bid documents.  The link for eMaryland Marketplace is below.

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