The MDOT MVA Mission

MDOT mission: The Maryland Department of Transportation is a customer-driven leader that delivers safe, sustainable, intelligent, ​exceptional, and inclusive transportation solutions in order to connect our customers to life’s opportunities.

MDOT MVA vision: The MDOT MVA shall provide exemplary driver and vehicle services that promote Maryland's mobility and safety while enhancing process and product security. 
MDOT MVA is focused on the following key areas which reflect our premier customer service culture with respect to our products and services offered to the residents of Maryland. 



  • Promote the safety and security of Maryland residents with the products and services MDOT MVA provides.
  • Reduce fatalities and severe injuries on Maryland roads.
  • Ensure that MDOT MVA offices are safe and inviting to customers and staff.


  • Ensure all products, processes, and services provided by MDOT MVA meet the highest level of security standards and are updated on a regular basis.
  • Safeguard all data and the integrity of personal and confidential information provided by MDOT MVA customers.


  • Deploy technology and processes that enable customers to interact with MDOT MVA how, when, and where they want.
  • Use innovative technology that is current, right for the job, adaptive, and free of obstacles.
  • Provide clear, concise, consistent, and responsive communication.


  • ​Offer customer access to a variety of secure and convenient government products and services through MDOT MVA branch offices, web, and kiosk.
  • Foster and maintain connections/partnerships with other organizations that add value and provide convenience and opportunities for MDOT MVA customers.
  • Establish strong and effective partnerships to help achieve zero fatalities on our roadways.