2022 Proposed LegislationSenate BillsHouse BillsTotal Bills
# Introduced in the 2022 Session1,0241,4962,520
# Passed both sides361422835
# Monitored by the MDOT MVA6287149
# Supported by the MDOT MVA437
# Opposed by the MDOT MVA000
# Letters of Information by the MDOT MVA6915
# Monitored by MDOT MVA that passed151631


The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) monitored almost 150 bills during the 2022 Maryland General Assembly session.  This figure represents approximately 6% of the 2,520 bills introduced, and 27% of the 544 bills tracked by MDOT.  Twenty-four bills that passed both houses of the General Assembly will have a direct impact on MDOT MVA.


The following highlights the bills that have passed and will have a direct impact on MDOT MVA, our customers, or other transportation-related issues.



Chapter 71 (HB 0497) & Chapter 70 (SB 0109) Vehicle Excise Tax - Exemption - Active Duty Military



This bill exempts a vehicle owned by a member of the military on active duty stationed in Maryland or who returns to the State from active duty out of state from being charged the vehicle excise tax under certain circumstances.  These include those transferring the title and registration of a previously owned vehicle titled in the same name of the individual in another state, but not a newly acquired vehicle being titled for the first time.

Effective Date – July 1, 2022


Chapter 234 (HB 1391) Clean Cars Act of 2022


This bill establishes through fiscal year 2027 the Medium–Duty and Heavy–Duty Zero–Emission Vehicle Grant Program for certain vehicles and equipment, providing up to $1.75 million combined between the two programs annually.  It further reestablishes through 2027 excise tax credits for newly manufactured personal zero-emission vehicles, including expanding to autocycles, a rebate excise tax credit of up to $3,000 for eligible personal zero-emissions vehicles up to $8.25 million annually.  The tax credits do not apply to purchases made prior to fiscal year 2024.

Effective Date – July 1, 2022


Chapter 434 (HB 1076) Vehicle Laws - Electronic or Digital 24-Hour Registration


This bill authorizes the MDOT MVA to issue an electronic or digital 24-hour registration to a new owner of a vehicle for purposes of operating the vehicle on a highway in the State to transport it home after purchase.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022


Chapter 382 (SB 0147) Motor Vehicles - Operation When Approaching Stopped, Standing, or Parked Vehicles


This bill requires a driver to move over or slow down, with due regard for safety and traffic conditions, when approaching from the rear a stopped, standing, or parked vehicle displaying hazard warning lights, road flares, or other caution signals.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022



Chapter 119 (SB 0218) Vehicle Laws – Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards – Temporary Renewal


This departmental bill allows the MDOT MVA to issue a temporary renewal for certain qualified individuals of up to 2 years for Driver's licenses or Identification Cards.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022

Penalty Bills

Chapter 232 (SB 0176) Vehicle Laws - Rear-Facing Child Safety Seats - Requirement


This departmental bill requires a child under the age of 2 being transported in a motor vehicle to be secured in a rear-facing child-safety seat that complies with applicable federal regulations until the child reaches the manufacturer's weight or height limit for the child safety seat.  A first offense for violating the Act is subject to a written warning.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022


Chapter 567 (HB 0206) & Chapter 568 (SB 0465) Vehicle Laws – Licenses and Permits – Prohibited Acts



This bill repeals certain prohibitions relating to licenses to drive and moped operator's permits while ensuring the prohibition of engaging in any fraudulent or dishonest conduct in the examination or testing process by applicants attempting to obtain or renew a driver's license or moped operator's permit.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022


Chapter 565 (HB 0222) Vehicle Laws - Driving in Right-Hand Lanes - Interstate Highways in Rural Areas


This bill requires the driver of a vehicle traveling slower than the general speed of traffic on an interstate highway in a rural area to drive the vehicle in the right-hand lanes and for the MDOT MVA to include information about this requirement in the State's driver education curriculum.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022


Chapter 549 (HB 0368) Vehicle Laws - Penalties for Lapse of Security - Grace Period


This bill requires the MDOT MVA to allow a 10-day period to for a customer to return or provide appropriate paperwork for registration tags to be returned before assessing a penalty for lapse of insurance following cancellation of a vehicle's policy.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022


Chapter 418 (HB 0157) Vehicle Laws - Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicles - Reserved Parking Spaces


This bill prohibits a person from stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle that is not a plug-in electric drive vehicle plugged into charging equipment in a parking space that is designated for the use of plug-in electric drive vehicles; establishes certain standards for signage designating reserved parking for certain plug-in electric drive vehicles; and requires that a parking space that is for the use of plug-in electric drive vehicles be counted as part of the overall number of parking spaces for purposes of complying with certain laws.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022


Miscellaneous Bills​

Chapter 549 (HB 0679) Vehicle Laws – Licensing of Businesses and Occupations – Definition of Vehicle Salesman


This bill alters the definition of “vehicle salesman" to include individuals who negotiate with or induce other persons to enter into a financial security or warranty agreement on behalf of a dealer in connection with the sale of a vehicle in exchange for a commission or other compensation.  The result is these individuals must obtain a salesman license to work in such a role.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022


Chapter 204 (HB 1150) Vehicle Equipment - Highway Maintenance and Service - Green Flashing Lights


This bill allows certain highway maintenance and service equipment and vehicles, while in use for snow removal or the protection of highway maintenance workers, to be equipped with and display green flashing lights simultaneously with yellow or amber flashing lights.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022


Chapter 657 (SB 0450) Harassment and Sexual Harassment - Definitions - Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


This bill alters the definition of "harassment" for purposes of certain provisions relating to discrimination in employment to include sexual harassment and certain unwelcome and offensive conduct; and alters the definition of "sexual harassment" for purposes of certain provisions relating to State government sexual harassment prevention training.

Effective Date – October 1, 2022​