Ignition Interlock Providers

An ignition interlock is a camera enabled device that connects a motor vehicle's ignition system to a breath analyzer that measures a driver's breath alcohol level and prevents a motor vehicle from starting if the driver's breath alcohol level exceeds the setting on the device. After starting the car, random retests are required to be certain the driver has not consumed alcohol.

Service providers will install, service and calibrate Ignition Interlock Systems. They will also provide training for interlock users.

Service providers must install a device for eligible participants within 10 days of the request, and provide a toll-free 24-hour emergency response number for all participants.

Participants are responsible for all costs associated with the program participation. There is a cost from the ignition interlock Service Provider for installation of the device and there is also a monthly servicing cost. Vendors have varying installation and monitoring charges. Interlock providers are required to offer the ignition interlock at 50% of their normal rental rate for customers who are on assistance.  If you are on assistance, please inquire directly with the interlock provider company for the reduced rental rate..

The data logger keeps a record of every transaction, along with the date, time, and alcohol level, any efforts to disable or c​ircumvent the unit and random retest compliance. This information is reported to the appropriate monitor.

Each of the following MVA authorized Ignition Interlock Service Providers have locations throughout the state. Contact a provider for cost and locations.

Some Maryland Ignition Interlock Providers offer accommodations to assist customers who are deaf and hard of hearing. Vendors with *** de​notes that they can accommodate a deaf and hard of hearing  customer.  

Draeger US Interlock *** -      1-800-332-6858

LifeSafer *** -     1-800-374-5760

Smart Start Interlock *** -   1-800-880-3394

Sens-O-Lock *** -    410-995-9080

Alcohol Detection Systems -     1-888-786-7384

Guardian Interlock -     1-800-499-0994

Intoxalock -    1-833-259-3046

Low Cost Interlock ***​ - 1-844-276-0549