Everything You Need to Know About Maryland's Graduated Licensing System


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Maryland's Graduated Licensing System

 Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration is working with drivers to make sharing the road safer for everyone - especially new drivers. An important part of this effort is the Rookie Driver, Maryland's graduated licensing system for new drivers.

In the Rookie Driver graduated licensing system, applicants progress through three levels of licensing:

Rookie driver - 1. A Learner's Permit 

Rookie driver - 2. A Provisional License 

Rookie driver - 3. A Full Driver's License 

1. A Learner's Permit 

 2. A Provisional License

  3. A Full Driver's License

The Rookie Driver applies to all applicants, regardless of age, who have never held a license in Maryland or any other state or country. The program requires new drivers to gain more driving experience with a supervising driver. It encourages good driving behavior by imposing strict sanctions during each step of the licensing process, such as driver improvement classes or the suspension or revocation of licenses.