What To Look For In The Future?

Maryland is open for business and eager to realize the life-saving and economic benefits of emerging technology, while ensuring safety for all -- embracing technology and innovation through continuing collaboration with partners interested in researching, testing, and implementing connected and automated vehicles in Maryland.  

With that, Maryland will stay engaged to sustain platooning and develop enhancements for the future.  

The current process and documents are living documents; they will be reviewed regularly through discussions with the Maryland Connected & Automated Vehicles (CAV) Working Group and subgroups and may evolve based on these discussions and developments.  

As the technology evolves, platooning in Maryland will be addressed to continue down the path to future deployment beyond this current process.  This may include:
  • ​Platoons with more than two trucks, 
  • Platoons for other heavy vehicles including buses and military vehicles
  • Platoons with a human driver in the lead vehicle and an automated driver in the following vehicle
The CAV Working Group includes various stakeholders representing industry, emergency responders, technical experts, and government agencies.  If interested in finding out more or participating in these groups, email CAVMaryland@mdot.maryland.gov.

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