What Is Platooning?

Truck platooning utilizes vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology to allow two or more vehicles to be electronically synced with one another: 
  • Hosted by radar, GPS, and Wi-Fi 
  • Wirelessly communicates information on braking, speed, and oncoming obstacles 
Consistent and predictable driving behavior:
  • ​Drastically reduces the reaction time of the following trucks in a platoon
  • Reduces the likelihood of rear-end or chain-reaction crashes
Maryland truck platoons are currently limited to two trucks, with safety restrictions:
  • Each truck required to have a driver who has a valid commercial driver license with appropriate endorsements
  • Each driver has been trained on that specific vehicle’s platooning system, and is still responsible for care and control of the vehicle they are in
  • All trucks must still follow all traffic laws and rules of the road, and travel in a reasonable and prudent manner
  • Platooning will have a sticker displayed on the power unit near other official decals and stickers

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