For trucking companies: How to get approved for platooning in Maryland?

Platoon operators have everything you need to get started right here!  

Review the Platooning Approval Process for specific instructions and details on platooning allowances

View a map of Maryland’s controlled access highways here​; choose “Roadway Access Control – Full Control” to view the potentially allowable routes to include in your Application.  

Submit the completed Application and an Operational Plan (detailed in the Process)

Know that a small team of multi-disciplinary experts will move quickly to review and respond, checking:
  • ​Routes to assess interaction with signals, roundabouts, non-auto users, steep grades, high traffic density, and other complexities 
  • Other safety considerations and notices necessary to emergency responders and the public
  • To coordinate with the infrastructure owner operator for appropriate operations
Realize that all approvals will likely include:
  • ​Authorization for up to one year prior to renewal
  • Simple monthly progress reports to help both the platoon operator and the MDOT MVA to accommodate different scenarios, encourage the use of truck platooning to enhance safety on Maryland’s roadways, and support economic development of the industry
If you have other trucking permitting needs for trips in Maryland, such as oversize or overweight permits, please click here.

Click on the icons below for more information about Maryland’s platooning.  ​

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