Personal Delivery Devices - Pilot

Maryland has implemented a collaborative, constructive, and expedient process for the operation of personal delivery devices in Maryland. This follows a recent law change that requires Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) to establish a pilot process for Personal Delivery Devices (PDD). MDOT monitors emerging and innovative technologies such as personal delivery devices (PDDs) to adapt to, and take advantage of, technologies reshaping mobility choices. PDDs have emerged as an innovative technology promising to improve the efficiency of deliveries.

Personal Delivery Device is a powered device that:

a. Is operated primarily on shoulders, sidewalks, and crosswalks;

b. Is intended for the transport of property on public rights-of-way;

c. Weighs not more than 550 pounds, excluding cargo; and

d. Is capable of navigating with or without the active control or monitoring of an individual.

Personal Delivery Device Operator is an entity or its agent that exercises active or passive physical control or monitoring over the navigation system and operation of a personal delivery device; Personal Delivery Device Operator does not include a person that:

a. Requests or receives the services of a PDD to transport property; or

b. Arranges for and dispatches a PDD to provide service to another person.

Personal Delivery Device (PDD) Operators interested in operating PDDs on public infrastructure in Maryland, must review the PDD Approval Process​ for specific instructions and details on PDD allowances. Once reviewed, the entity will submit the completed Applicatio​n​, an Operational Plan and Emergency Response Plan, and proof of insurance – all as described in the Process. As soon as received, a small team of multi-disc​iplinary experts will review the route, safety considerations, and notice necessary to emergency responders and the public. This review will include the local agencies and organizations that provide public safety to and manage the infrastructure on the potential routes.

For ease in applying, all information is outlined in these documents, and staff is readily available to answer any additional questions you might have by emailing

This process provides the flexibility necessary to accommodate many different scenarios and encourage the use of PDDs for furthering mobility, equity, and safety in Maryland’s transportation ecospace. This process is a living document that will be reviewed and amended as necessary to be consistent with national guidance and with the needs of the State.​